Welcome to Atenveldt Rapier! (Arizona)

          First off, rapier can be what you make of it!  It can be a serious life moving adventure or a delightful pass time.  Many of people have experienced the thrill of using steel in their hand while making lovely friendships or discovering devious nemesis that they love to hate for all time.  The SCA's goal with rapier is to recreate the time prior to 1600 A.D.  This includes the dress and the fighting styles of the time.  Some take artistic liberties and expand their enjoyment while others simply like to fight.

Rapier in the SCA is broken down into 3 major divisions

    -  Light rapier
     -  Foil and Epee
     -  This is not authorized in the kingdom of Atendveldt activities.
-  Heavy rapier
     -  Standard to Atenveldt Rapier. 
     -  Heavier blade then a foil or Epee.
     -  This can includes melees that has seen more then 250 fighters engaged in battle at once.
     -  Multiple styles can be used
          -  Single sword (the best!)
          -  Two Swords
          -  Sword and dagger
          -  Sword and Buckler (or ridged device)
          -  Sword and cloak (or non-ridged device)
-  Cut and thrust (more advanced)
     -  The basic nutshell of this type is that it includes more advanced cutting techniques.
  In Arizona there are 5 primary fields in which you can experience rapier.  Use the below links to navigate to their web pages to learn times and locations.
Once at a practice, be bold and ask for the rapier marshal or look around to see people fighting!
    -  Barony of Atenveldt (central valley) http://www.baronyofatenveldt.org/
-  Barony of Sun dragon (west valley)  http://www.baronyofsundragon.org/
-  Barony of Twin Moons (east valley) http://baronyoftwinmoons.org/
-  Barony of Ered Sul (Flagstaff)  www.BaronyofEredSul.org
-  Barony of Tir ysgithr (Tucson)  http://www.btysca.org/
  Rules for Rapier
    Atenveldt rules for rapier

SCA rules for rapier  (Good to know if you travel to different places!)