F.A.Q.  and Word definitions

    Is it safe?
     -  All Sports and martial arts have its issues, but fencing is fairly safe.  Safety is a number one priority to all fighters.  Also it is required that marshals are present and that they monitor equipment, field and participants at every SCA practice and meet.
Can women get involved
     -  Of course!  Women make up a good percentage of the fighters as well as being some of the best ranked.
What age can we start at!
     -  14 years of age, but please check the rule sets, because this could change and special permissions need to be in place for under 18.
How much does it cost?
     -  FREE!  it is not required to be a SCA member and loaner gear is available at most practices.  Twin moons (east valley) has a large amount of
         loaner gear and all you need to provide is a long sleeve shirt (typically) and men require their own groin protection (cup). 
When can I start!
     -  When you are ready, there are 5 practices during the week at the different locations.
          -  Tuesday:  Barony of Ered Sul (Flagstaff)  www.BaronyofEredSul.org
          -  Tuesday:  Barony of Tir ysgithr (Tucson)  http://www.btysca.org/
          -  Wednesday:  Barony of Atenveldt (central valley) http://www.baronyofatenveldt.org/
          -  Thursday:  Barony of Twin Moons (east valley) http://baronyoftwinmoons.org/
          -  Sunday:  Barony of Sun dragon (west valley)  http://www.baronyofsundragon.org/
  Word Definitions (basic)
    Marshal:  Person responsible for ensuring the rules are followed
Doublet:  A jacket that can be used for chest armor, if it meets the equipment standards
Gorget:  Equipment for the neck that can be used if it meets the equipment standards
White Scarf:  A award presented by the queen ideally for being a positive presence for the rapier community in large.
HLS / DON:  A teacher that also has been awarded a white scarf.