Philosophy night July 28, 2008

In attendance:

Maitre Wallace
            Gall Fox
            Jon Patrick



            -  What is needed to start drills.  Twin Moons would like to strat drilling to improve their skills.  Discusses sources for drilling and looking to put them up on

Net resources

     Obtain more content for the recently created web page.
          -  Blue company melee training manual (possibly from Jon Patrick)
          -  Viola/Wallace’s melee training guide
          -  Link to WMA
          -  Create and pass out business cards to all the marshals.  That way they can carry fewer resources with them and direct people to the new web site.
          -  Remove screw up of master = white scarf.

youth combat:

            - Discussion elevated to the marshal list for fighting below the age of 14.
            - Significant presence of people wanting to if a 14 year old can fight melee

Discussion of peerage and how rapier does not have a peerage:

What is a white scarf?
What is a red scarf?

            -  An cadet of a white scarf in certain kingdoms


            -  South winds articles would be a great way to promote rapier within in the SCA community.

Tournament prizes

            -  Sun of Atenvedlt medallion (will put a photo on web page) to be rewarded to the winner of each tournament with in Atenveldt.

Need to improve communication between commander and group teams

            -  A Idea of a Commanders meeting at Estrella the night before combat with all the sub commanders.