Philosophy night August 18, 2008

HLS Robert
Maitre Wallace
HLS Ryan
Master Michael
Lady Viola
Lord Dana
Lord Gall 


Unit commands:

            Should The Term Barbeque be changed to something new?  Consensus of the group was not reached and many different points of view were given.

     Idea 1:  A new code word or sets of code words should be generated.
     Idea 2:  Barbeque is just fine and well known, However people should be trained not to freak out.
     Idea 3:  Specific people with in the groups should know a new code word.  This would enable the command structure to react with out the team all acting in different ways.

 Running and rule enforcement

            The majority of the attendance believed running should be allowed, as long as it is controlled and safe.  The group had an understanding that the term “running” is a difficult to define and would need to have a common interpretation of all the marshals from all kingdoms during war and training for war.  These discussions lead into a further discussion of how field marshals interpret rules.

            It appears common to the people in attendance that there is a great difference in interpretation on several rules when dealing with multiple kingdoms.  The solution to this might be a good discussion for a future Philosophy night.  Some of the different interpretations were 180 engagements, death from behind, running, and blow calling.

Blow calling from a fighter’s perspective:

General advice was given to be passed to newer fighters. 

            -  If a fighter does not take a shot, take it as a learning opportunity to make your next shot cleaner.  A past quote came up “if they blow off a shot, blow them again”.  Laughter was heard.  Another quote was “what I have to fight you again, oh darn”
            -  Some had the opinion if a discussion takes longer then 30 seconds on the field then it was a waste of time to all involved. 

Tournament turn out:

            Communication communication communication!

                        -  Have it on the Yahoo lists
                        -  Have it on
                        -  Have printed hand outs being passed out at practices/events
                        -  Encourage people to try, even if they think they will lose!  (You don’t have to win to have fun)
                        -  Get support from the crown
                        -  Start it on time (with in reason)
                        -  Inspire people to serve as champions!


Queens Guard:

            Brief discussion of a idea to have a mentor ship for queens guard.