"official" ruling.

1. That sort of confusion is one of the reasons C&T rules are looking to be
moved into a separate appendix. Item iii applies to C&T only.
2. Percussive blows in heavy rapier are NOT allowed.
3. It is acceptable to throw a circular or slashing attack as long as it is
transitioned to an edge cut or thrust BEFORE it hits your opponent.

That clarifiy?

-Wyllym, in an AtenKRM hat

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To: tir-rapier@yahoogroups.com
From: fnordrick@cox.net
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 12:31:16 -0400
Subject: [tir-rapier] Percussive hits and legal blows

Ok now i have a question. I do appologize for the length of this but i do think it is an important point that needs clarification, and i think the rules are a bit hazy.

Previously i thought that percussive hits were NOT legal in heavy rapier and only in cut and thrust. Something was mentioned last night that they may be legal if they are done with control. I was looking over the offical rules posted on www.scarapier.com that say the rules were last edited 5/24/08

the Section covering vaild blows is a bit difficult to get the legality of percussive blows.

A. Valid blows are struck by: thrusting with the point of the blade (thrust) or sliding the edge of
the blade by drawing (draw cut).
i. Push cuts and tip cuts are treated as valid blows. There is no minimum length for any
type of cut.
ii. Cut and thrust rapier also includes the use of percussive cuts as a valid blow.
iii. Percussive cuts must always be delivered with su fficient control so as not to injure
the opponent while still delivering the necessary impact for a valid cut.

Reading this with the understanding of percussive cuts being illegal its pretty clear that they are not allowed, but when i re read them it leaves it up to some interpretation.

point ii says they are allowed in cut and thrust, but not that they are only valid in cut and thrust. point iii says they must be done with sufficient control (of course), but does not say any thing about it being only in cut and thrust, it is a point under ii which is in relation to cut and thrust, but it is a seperate point not in direct relation to cut and thrust. The whole section is a bit confusion when read with out any assumptions of legal blows.

It lists in the main point 2 valid blows, then in the first suboint 2 more valid blows.

I have no idea if what i have said makes any sense, but i hope ive gotten it across, sorry again for the length but the last thing i want is any confusion, especially when it could lead to some one getting hurt.

Brother Varinn