Date: 9/2/08

Present: Arion, Wyllym, Reynier, Argylle, Aasni, Varinn, Rurik, Gildchrist (sp?), Heddi (sp?), Carys

1. Venue Change:
Wyllym suggested that we discuss whether to change the location of future rapier meetings. Reynier asked if this implied more regular rapier meetings. Arion stated that he would like to have baronial rapier meetings on a monthly basis. Wyllym suggested that such monthly meetings be held on Melee nights because it was easy to remember, then reminded the group that Carys had argued for meeting at the park instead of Chuy's. Reynier argued that meeting in the park before a melee practice would allow the group to put discussion points and war-prep plans into immediate action. Arion reminded the group that meeting before practices left some fighters with little time to eat, and that meeting at Chuy's offered an ideal solution. Varinn joined the meeting and brought up the issues of noise at Chuy's and seating in the park. Argylle, also recently joined to the discussion, argued that Chuy's was a relaxing environment more conducive to planning. Much rabble ensued, only one man was slain.
Result: The next Tir Ysgithr Rapier meeting will be held on October 7th in Reid Park at 6pm before the baronial melee practice.

2. Practice Structure: Preparing for War:
Arion asked the now enlarged group if and what they thought about changing the structure of fighter practices to prepare for war. Reynier's memory failed and deferred to generalized discussion notes.

Much debate was had over when and whether to start practice with drills for those interested.
Some questioned if the drills might interfere with the rapier community's adopted task of setting up the practice aerics. Someone asked if having a set of the field-locker keys would resolve this.
Wyllym mentioned that baronial by-laws required (unchecked) that a person carrying the keys must have a warranted office. Both Rurik & Reynier offered their warranted positions as candidates for this duty.
Rurik made the point that many drills do not require suiting up, and could be done without any setup.
A consensus was reached: people won't show up at 7pm if they know nothing will happen until 7:45. So if we start running drills somewhere between 7pm and 7:30pm, people will start showing up for them. After all, the rapier community sets the example in this barony. ~poke poke~
Arion volunteered to run the 7pm drills by default. Rurik also made an offer to run drills.
Several were injured in the fray; Argylle was stricken with plague.
Result: BTY will now run unarmored rapier drills from roughly 7-7:20. At 7:20, the group will assist Lady Mina in setting up the aeric.

3. Units: the Gathering
Reynier asked that decisions be made with regard to the structure of the baronial units. Arion then stated that the Warthogs would be led by himself, and requested that persons interested in commanding the Warpigs see him as soon as possible. Wyllym and Gildchrist then chimed in to suggest that the units begin training together during melee nights and develop their own unit drills. The conversation was tabled until the end of the meeting, at which point Reynier plead with the group to finalize at least one baronial unit - namely the warthogs. Before he could finish, Wyllym interjected and nominated Reynier to lead the Warpigs. He then moved to a vote and Reynier was elected to lead the Warpigs. A duel was called on the spot, but, as no seconds were selected, the plaintiff's issue was cut short by an early injury to the wrist.

Result: Arion will select and lead the Warthog unit while Reynier will select and lead the Warpig unit.

4. New Melee Night
Wyllym brought up the demands of many fighters and the Baron himself in asking whether the group supported the notion of a second melee night. The group was dumbstruck with consensus. The answer being obvious, he moved on to suggest that the third week of each month be used as a melee night. The group was once again unanimously agreed. Wyllym offered that the first Tuesday ought to be spared for broad forms and unit cohesion, while the third Tuesday be used for special tactics. No one objected.
Result: The rapier community shall hold melee practices on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. The first of which shall be used for general training, while the third shall be used for special tactics (i.e. door-busting, line-punching, etc..)

5. Estrella War: Hints from the KRM
Wyllym brought up several points regarding the rules for the upcoming Estrella War. Epic hints were dropped, and lengthy arguments over DKP were had.
THL Wallace will serve as acting KRM for the event, as THL Wyllym will be busied as the officiating marshall for the event.
Running while not in engagement distance will be allowed.
Dropped blades will no longer require a local or general hold to be called. They will be treated as an obstruction on the field to be minded by the fighters. Coincidentally, a thousand Caidans cried out in the force.
Scenarios will have multiple win conditions. The KRM hinted that time would be a secondary condition in some scenarios.
Some scenarios will allow armies to start out at engagement distance.
The KRM also hinted that flag scenarios would be present in the upcoming war. Arion offered to design new changeable-flagposts for the scenarios, citing sticky flags as a problem in previous years.
This conversation was purely informative and yielded no concise result.

6. The Next Meeting:
The group finished by conceding the need for a fixed agenda at future meetings. Mentions were made regarding an agenda offered, though not used, which Carys had earlier posted. It is presumed that the agenda for future meetings will be discussed - at length - on the tir-rapier yahoo group.