Date: 11/25/08

Below is a link to a pictorial guide I made to the more confusing or new "Marching Orders" which Gildchrist posted earlier, as well as a run-down of the most recent meeting.

11/25/08 BTY Rapier Meeting
Location: Chuy's
Time: 6:21pm - 7pm
Attendance: Rurik, Arion, Carys, Gildchris, and Reynier

Units Update:
     New Unit:
          Commander: Rurik
          Members: Cross-dressers, ECS, possibly HRM Walrick
     Gunnery Unit:
          Should BTY assemble a unit with 1/1 RBG/Fighter ratio?
          Bryan/Carys/Rurik may start working on baronially-uniform RBG ammo
          Should Warthogs have said ratio?
          General Concensus: not our call & warpigs would rather not

Improving Fighter Practices:
     New Commands
          We should pull everyone onto the field for a quick 10 minute review.
          On-field meetings are a waste of time, we (the commanders) should just start using the new commands.
          General Consensus: re-post Marching Orders to the list and start using commands during melees.
     Fighter Attrition
          People aren't taking the field promptly and are quitting too soon/early. Whatever shall we do?
          Possibility A: No leaving the field during breaks; have a non-fighter run some 2-liters out to us when we pop our tops.
          Possibility B: No group breaks - do it like hardsuiters. If people need to quit the field for a minute or two, let them do it on their own.
          General Consensus: try out Possibility B