The Brazen Blade of Atenveldt

This is a for fun tradition that is hoped will be enjoyed in Atenveldt as much as it is in other Kingdoms that have tried a similar program. Basically, you come up with a title and item to
fight for, the winner of the initial challenge then has to defend the title and item against all comers following a set of rules as listed below. The idea is to have fun with this and create a lot of pomp
and flair and braggadocio as we vie for the prize.

1. The initial tourney will be held at Coronation on Sunday, November 2, 2008.

2. The format is best 3 of 5, triple elimination, weapons of choice but each fighter must choose a different weapon style for each round.

3. The winner of the tourney will be allowed to be called the Brazen Blade of Atenveldt and carry the blade.

4. The Brazen Blade can only be challenged at official events (fighter practices do not count), and only if they are armored and able to fight at that event. They can not refuse a challenge without forfeiting the title and the blade.

5. The Brazen Blade can only be challenged once per day at each event. So if there are multiple challengers, they must fight it out among themselves in a best 3 of 5 weapons of choice single elimination format until only one challenger is left.

6. The challenge is then fought best 3 of 5 with weapons of choice. The winner of this exchange is the new or continuing Brazen Blade.

7. If the Brazen Blade does not make themselves available for challenge in a 6 month period, then they forfeit the title and the blade and a new elimination tourney will be scheduled to determine
the new Brazen Blade.



Current holder

His Lordship Maximilian Chance

Taken On Sept 6, 2009

Past holders

Michaelis Aurelius
Taken On June 21, 2009
Defended on August 28, 2009

Lord Roland DeWinter
Taken on February 13, 2009
Defended on February 14, 2009
Defended on February 26, 2009

HLS Rurik Levushka Ul'ianov
Taken on January 25, 2009

Thegn Ryan O'l Do'l-La's.
Taken on January 4, 2009

Richard Attekirk the Rabbit
Taken on November 2, 2008